Using pinboard on an iPad

Pinboard is a bookmarking site to replace delicious. To add a site to your pinboard bookmarks, Pinboard provides javascript bookmarklets. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to add javascript bookmarklets to your iPad Safari bookmarks. Pinboard provides an email address for mobile device users, but there is a better way.

Visit this blog post on your iPad. I needed to click on “Standard Site” at the bottom of the page to be able to copy anything. Then when you tap the source code, there will be a “view source” icon where you can visit another page that has the plain text of the javascript where you can highlight it and Copy it.

Copy this javascript into your clipboard by highlighting it and taping “Copy”. (The javascript is taken verbatim from the pinboard site).


Now tap the rightmost button on the address bar, and then tap “Add Bookmark”. Erase the text in the top box and type “Pinboard”. At this point, you will not be able to edit what is being bookmarked on the second line. And change the third line to “Bookmarks Bar”.

Now tap the Bookmarks button (the fourth button on the Safari toolbar). Tap “Edit” and select your pinboard bookmark. You will be allowed to edit the text on the second line. Delete what is there, and paste the javascript from your clipboard. Navigate back to your browser, visit a page, and tap your pinboard bookmarklet on the Bookmarks Bar. You have added the page to your pinboard bookmarks.

Note that these instructions work in general for bookmarklets. Just get the text into your iPad clipboard somehow, then paste the javascript into an existing bookmark with the “Edit” bookmarks trick.


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