email threads not working using Android Email app

A year ago I deleted my gmail account in an attempt to reduce Google’s reach into every aspect of my life. I signed up for, pointed my domain at their servers, and I couldn’t be happier with their service. The web interface is lightning fast and responsive, like gmail was in 2005. Their revenue model is charging for email service, not selling personalized ads based on the email I write and receive.

There was just one problem–email conversation threads worked great using the web interface and the iPod Email app, but when I used Thunderbird or my Android Email app, the conversation would get broken into multiple threads. After contacting Fastmail support, I received the following instructions, which worked perfectly:

This should be because the android client is saving the sent copy elsewhere.

I suggest you set your fastmail account to do the saving of “Sent Items” for you instead of relying on the settings on each client.

What you need to do is:

A) Disable saving of “Sent Items” on all your email clients (Phone, PC etc..)

B) Enable it on your fastmail account. To do that:

1. Go to “Settings->Advanced settings->Personalities” screen
2. From the “Sent Items” drop down menu choose the folder “Sent Items”
3. Enable the “Sent Items on SMTP” checkbox
4. Click on “Save Personality”
5. Do this for all your personalities.

The above would ensure that, irrespective of any email client you use, your fastmail account would ensure a copy is saved in your “Sent Items” folder.


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